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This applies to everyone who resides in Kiribati.

Applicants must be within the Kiribati National Committee's Eligibility Criteria to apply for UWC schools/colleges. Applications which do not meet the Eligibility Criteria will be discarded as invalid and will not go through the Selection Process. The Eligibility Criteria are relayed as below:

  • Applicants must be not younger than 16 and under 18 years old on the 1st of September every year.
  • Applicants must be Citizens or Permanent Residents of Kiribati and should be residing in the country during the Selection Process.
  • Applicants must not have been awarded any other scholarships or school offers abroad for the year he/she applies for this scholarship.
  • Applicants must be current High School students and must have attained average and above average grades.
  • Applicants must be actively involved in his/her community.
  • Applicants should be able to demonstrate and express keen interest, commitment and ability to cope and handle everyday life while studying abroad, as well as the aptitude to adjust to a new environment, lifestyle, and culture.

 If you think you have met the eligibility criteria mentioned above, so go ahead and download the scholarship application form from this website. Please duly complete it and return it to the office with your registration fee of $20 no later than 2oth February 2022 during working hours.

Normally, the Selection Panel meets on the 1st week of March to check all application forms. Only those who have duly completed the form, submit the required documents and meet the eligibility criteria will be informed to attend the selection process on the selection day which will be held on the 3rd week of March.