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History of UWC Kiribati National Committee

The UWC Kiribati National Committee came into being in the middle of 2016 at the request of the current Coordinator, Mr. Tamuera Rikare to the UWC International Office in the UK. Mr. Rikare was then invited by the UWC International Office to attend the South-East Asia Conference held in Singapore in 2017.

Also in the same year, UWC Kiribati received a full scholarship offer from the UWC International Office for one student - The selected student whose name is Ms. Bereka Tengon form Kauma Adventist High School left Kiribati to UWC Dilijan College in Armenia on 20th August 2018. 

In May 2018, the Coordinator requested and applied for a formal registration to the Kiribati Government. On the 24th June 2018, the Ministry of Women, Youth and Social Affairs (MWYSA) for the Government of Kiribati granted a Certificate of Incorporation under the name of The UWC Kiribati National Committee Trust Incorporated. The Kiribati National Committee was registered in Kiribati as a Charitable Trust and a Non-profitable organisation (Reg. No: 75/18). UWC Kiribati National Committee Trust Inc. in collaboration with the UWC International Office and UWC schools and colleges around the globe is now working in partnership with the Kiribati Training Centre for Professional Development (KTCPD) in Kiribati to support the "Quality Education" goal of the United Nations which aims for inclusive and quality education for all and to promote both further education and International Education for lifelong learning, career success, human rights protection, gender equality, empowering women and children, poverty eradication, peace and a sustainable future.  

So far, there are more than fifteen (15) registered members and more than 3.000 volunteers in the Capital Tarawa. We are more than happy to welcome new volunteered members.

We guarantee everyone in Kiribati that the UWC movement in Kiribati has indeed opened the doors of international education to our talented young men and women. Hence, let us join our efforts by supporting the UWC Movement in committing ourselves to lend a helping hand by donating and contributing whatever amount of money we are most comfortable with.

To date, the UWCIO in the UK and the UWC Kiribati National Committee has signed the MOU.