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The UWC Kiribati National Committee has initiated its own CHARITY FUND in the hope of providing additional scholarships to our selected student, as well as providing financial support to parents who do not have the means to provide additional costs impose on them by UWC college where their son or daughter attend. 

This CHARITY FUND will empower our youths (our young men and young women between the ages of 16 and 18 years old who are frequent beneficiaries to this fund) to achieve their international education through UWC Colleges/schools abroad. This will surely empower them to find possible solutions to our major national problem on the impacts of climate change, as well as improving our standard of living in terms of social, human and economic development

Accordingly, be generous to contribute/donate whatever amount of money you are most comfortable with, so that we can achieve our missions and objectives. I assure you that your contribution or donations will make positive impacts on the improvement of education standard in Kiribati to an international level. That is, our selected students who will pursue their studies in our UWC colleges and schools will have a chance to further their education in any universities around the world and BECOME REAL CHANGE MAKERS.